First Central Bible Church

Membership at First Central Bible Church

Membership at FCBC


“What does it mean to be a member of a church & specifically, how does one become a member at First Central Bible Church?  


The difference between being a church attender or a church member is commitment. 

  • Attenders are spectators from the sidelines.
  • Members get involved in the ministry. 
  • Attenders are consumers. 
  • Members are contributors.  
  • Attenders get the benefits of a church without sharing the responsibility. 


Because of these realities, we encourage you to make a commitment to the local church.

How to become a member of First Central Bible Church


1.     We encourage you to request a Welcome Tour.  You will tour our building, learn something
        about who we are and receive some information that you can look over at your leisure. 

        You can call the church office at 413-592-5353 to request a tour, or ask any greeter on a Sunday morning. 
        We begin the tour in our Welcome Center on the first floor (signs will direct you there).

2.      Attend the Membership Class, which is taught by our pastor. 

        You will learn more about First Central, our history, our beliefs and our vision for the future.

        This class typically meets on four consecutive Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour
        at 9:45 am periodically throughout the year.

 3.     Follow-up meeting with church leader(s)  where you can:

    • Ask any questions you may have about membership
    • Share your personal testimony

4.      Once these steps are completed, your membership will be affirmed by the church body
         and you will be welcomed into our membership.


It is our hope that, having united with the body of Christ here at First Central, you will look
for opportunities to serve alongside other believers in one or more of our ministries.